Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Story behind the Avatar

Why don't I use one of my own pieces of jewelry in my avatar?

Well for one, I'm incredibly indecisive. I have too many favourites and I would forever question if I'm featuring the right one.

So I decided to use a photo that embodies everything I am passionate about.

Firstly, I am a mother, and while it is not the only facet of my life that defines who I am, it is certainly a dominate one. Experiencing a love that feels larger than life, on a daily basis, changes you (exhaustion, fear and frustration that are larger than life also change you, but this is best left to another post).

Secondly, this photo was taken on a blessedly beautiful, perfectly perfect day. The kind of day you want to always remember. We flew to Ireland last year. Rented a car. Explored a new land. The photo was taken at Slea Head on the Dingle Peninsula and I am in it with my then 4 year old son. We drove, we stopped, we drove, we stopped and were amazed at the jaw-dropping, eye-popping, unbelievable beauty of Ireland.

Slea Head has got to be one of the world's best picnic spots. If you ever have the good fortune to visit, I highly suggest bringing:

1. a good bottle of wine
2. smelly cheese
3. raingear (it WILL rain in 10 mins)
4. a loved one or a good mate

These are in no particular order, but combined together they create pure magic.

Bye for now,

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