Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Friday

Well! Friday is finally here.

Mark is off to Vegas for a bachelor party (we were up late last night assembling his pimp costume - yes, that is right, his pimp costume) for the weekend. Ahem....

I, on the other hand, after being stuck in the house all day (in the rain!) am having a girlfriend over for a little happy hour of our own.

We will be indulging in my favourite brew - Toronto's very own Steam Whistle. The fact that Steam Whistle is an environmentally-friendly brewery makes this local beer even more deliciously, delicious.



Lorelei said...

What a cool picture! Love the color!
Wish I could have joined your happy hour!

cserdan said...

thank ya!

and if you ever find yourself in Toronto, I will arrange for a happy hour

cserdan said...
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