Saturday, September 13, 2008

Meet Ryan

He is 5 years old.
So unbelievably curious
and wise beyond his years.
He loves soccer and dinosaurs.
He's got me helplessly wrapped around his little finger.

He also has a wonderfully strong and healthy heart.

After having 50+ pictures taken of his heart last week, we received confirmation that all of his chambers and valves are in glorious working condition.

There are no little holes.
Everything is beating as it should,
pumping life into this little package I love so much.

Life could not be better.


Bijoux said...

Splendid, wonderful, incredible news!!
You must be on cloud 9 and I can totally understand!! By the way, I like dinosaurs too! Obsessively so, just like a kid :)

cserdan said...

thanks bijoux. we were so excited and relieved to get confirmation.

dinos are very cool!!!! I'm shocked at how much I know about them now.

the ROM's new dino wing is very impressive, you should check it out!

Bijoux said...

Yes, the ROM is on my list of places to visit. I heard that the dinosaur exhibit was amazing. My sister-in-law took her girls there last month and was amazed by it.