Tuesday, September 16, 2008


At the outdoor farmer's market today, we were being watched. Thousands of pigeons were perched effortlessly up above. In the clouds. Waiting for handouts.

Homemade cupcakes and organic grapes.
We had the best of afternoons.

Hope you did too!


HINT Jewelry Design said...

Thank you for the photo! These are one of my best moments of the day...looking up in the morning and seeing birds on a wire. Makes a person feel safe and guarded :)

cserdan said...

You are very welcome hint!

I also love having the windows in my house open all night so I can hear them first thing in the morning. Sadly, these days are numbered. I can feel the cold winds blowing in.

Bijoux said...

C - If I may so bold as to ask you what kind of camera you use? Your photos are really great. Do you use a photo altering software like Photoshop to tweak them up afterwards?

cserdan said...

bijoux, I have a Canon EOS digital SLR, for this particular photo I altered it using GIMP (you can download the software for free). I'd love to be able to afford Photoshop one day.

Bijoux said...

Really? Gimp? I've used Gimp once or twice in the past. I have the Adobe Creative Suite which includes Photoshop and Illustrator but it came with my refurbished Mac laptop. Buying it separately is quite expensive unless you buy a student version but of course, you need to be a student and show your student card to do so.

Nice camera. Through the wonders of Google images I can actually see it.

I have a Pentax Optio S5i but it's not such a great zoom camera. It's a tiny camera that fits in the palm of my hand. Great for portability. I'm beginning to not like it any longer because of its photo shooting limitations.