Monday, September 22, 2008

Special Days

We spent last weekend immersed in the beauty of Georgian Bay. It would be impossible to express in words how much I love this land with its ink blue lakes, weathered boulders, and windblown trees.

Here are some pics from our beautiful weekend.....

We swam

and played

looked for the mysterious leaf monster (again)

caught up on some reading

and had some quite time.

It was just what we needed as


We've been grappling for some time now with the idea of a move and have finally decided to put our house up for sale. We plan to sell first, buy later. I now have to begin packing up 3/4 of our house to ready it for public viewing, find a new home, and do the other one million things that need to get done each and every single day.

***deep breath****


Bijoux said...

Beautiful photos! Vivid colours!
How exciting! I'd love to go searching for the leaf monster too :)
I hear you on the imminent packing adventure. I haven't started packing anything yet and I'm also juggling a night school course and job searching and helping a friend during the days with her graphic design business. Do you want to swap with me?

cserdan said...

OK, maybe we won't swap, but in 2 weeks I just may take you up on that offer!!!