Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Getting Inspired

I had such a productive day today.


Tuesday is my one day of the week I set aside for jewelry. I have a babysitter from 930am - 330pm and I try to get as much done as I can. Lately my Tuesdays have been eaten up with appointments, packing, and errands.

Not today.

We have decided to postpone putting our house up on the market (which I am very excited about) and I've decided to try my best to be organized on Tuesdays so that I can actually spend some time creating.

The ideas were flowing from my fingers. You can even expect a few new necklaces (shocking I know). They should be coming into the shop over the next week (if I can get myself organized enough to list everything).


inspired this....

The print is also now available for sale here.


Bijoux said...

Good idea about postponing the selling of your house. Apparently the current real estate market is not looking too promising for sellers.

I can't wait to see your new creations. It's also nice to see your thought process from concept to product. Did you study design methodology at all?

cserdan said...

No, my background and degree is actually finance. I used to work in equities. I studied art up until the end of high school and then moved on to more sensible things like commerce. Being sensible wasn't that much fun!

What you are studying sounds amazing. I wish I had done that!

Bijoux said...

I have a diploma (4 years of study) from the Ontario College of Art and Design. My major was product design aka Industrial Design. Right now I'm just fulfilling my academic requirements for the degree. I also have a BA in Political Science from York U. which I got to make my parents happy. They were hoping I'd go to Law school. *sigh* I've been a student forever! :)

Wow finance! I would never have guessed. You must be very good with numbers. I'm mathematically challenged. Still count with my fingers LOL I'm thinking that the right side of your brain was starving to release some beauty and creativity in the world. And you're succeeding very nicely at it!!

waisze said...

I really love that you draw inspiration from nature. I can clearly see the resemblance! I also love your photos! Any tips on how I can achieve the vintage look?