Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quelle Surprise!

I am currently wearing this!!!! It arrived in my mailbox today.

I love this beautiful ring handcrafted by Amanda K Lockrow Jewels (it really does look like a pinecone). What made this ring even more special was the detailed, thoughtful packaging.

First, out of the mailer,

can you see how tiny and perfect the little cards are?

I feel like it is my birthday :))))

Please visit Amanda's shop and have a look at her wonderful creations.

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Bijoux said...

Lovely ring! I really like the burnished, antiqued surface. The packaging is also beautiful. Great attention to detail. Enjoy!

I've just started buying Christmas gifts for family on Etsy. I picked up 3 chef's aprons for my nieces with their names on them. They're really cute. The shop is called tiny green apples.

I wish I could buy some things for myself on Etsy but for now it will have to wait until I find work.