Thursday, December 11, 2008

C'mon Santa

Oh how I love Christmas. I really do.

Today, I took the kids out of school, went downtown with my mom to look at the Christmas windows, see the "right jolly old elf", and have a nice lunch.

The windows were splendid, the boys couldn't bear to part from them.

As for the "right jolly old elf" , well.....I say to you......


Pretend to like your job (remember you did willingly sign up for this 3 week stint).
If you don't really care for children then just pretend to be interested in children.
Please don't sit there like you are bored to tears.
Please if you are not feeling well and can't bear to smile, stay at home.
Please do not crush the hopes and dreams of little ones.
You can only believe in the magic for so long.

I really wanted to beat you over the head, Santa.

Next year, I think it best to simply admire you from afar.


Bijoux said...

Your experience kind of reminds me of a scene from the movie "A Christmas Story."

I think Santa needs to practice what he preaches. He's been naughty ;-)

Were your kids wondering why he seems so disinterested?

cserdan said...

no, they didn't ask. I'm probably just a little too sensitive. you read the kids stories about this amazing jolly guy in all of the books and in real life he's a dud who can't be bothered to ask the kids what their names ar or even what they want for christmas.

this is the second time this has happened so it just really pisses me off that people sign up to do this job when they obviously hate what they are doing.

i'm feeling better today. it's a stupid thing to rant about but I was in a mood for a rant!