Monday, February 2, 2009

And the Sun Appeared


and warmly

...melting the 3000 lbs of snow on our roof, which is now conveniently in the boys bedroom.

Life is still good.
It is just going to cost a little more.
I'm off to look for a good roofer.


Bijoux said...

OMG! Did I read that correctly? Snow came in through the roof...into the boy's bedroom? Wow! I hope you find a roofer that's willing to do the work now and not in the spring. Good luck!

cserdan said...

We had a major leak - buckets of water were streaming through. We had ice damming on the roof. The ice was blocking the snow melt and the water had nowhere else to go except through our roof. Gahhh!!!

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Oh my! That's terrible. Here's hoping it gets fixed very soon!