Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back Home

We had a wonderful vacation, but it always feels good to return home!!!!

I was able to see lots of this. Each day. Winter upon a mountaintop is just too beautiful.

You can expect new jewelry to come into the shop this week! I've made quite a few new pieces, but will have to wait to photograph them as the light isn't quite right today. Hopefully I can post some sneak peeks in the next day or two. These will be my last designs for quite some time as I will have to pack up pounds and pounds of beads and place them into storage. sniff! They will most likely remain there until we finish with the business of selling and buying a new home.

I'm off to the laundromat as my washer has just given up on me.

Until next time!

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Bijoux said...

hi C - glad to hear you had a good time!