Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hello Again

It's been awhile. Phew!!!!

My head has been a torrent of emotions lately. We've been busy editing, painting, prepping and polishing our house to a fine sheen. Of course, the entire time I've been second-guessing myself. Are we making the right decision? Are we ready to hand over our home to somebody else? This is where I became a mother. Raised my babies. It's a huge part of my history.

Ready or not... the deed is done. Our house sold rather quickly (less than 2 days on the market), before we even had the chance to have an open house. This is terrific news, but I can't help but suppress the tears welling up in my eyes.

For now, it is time to search for a new home and look forward to new beginnings.

P.S. Snow in April??????? Enough already!!!!!


Lorelei said...

You're not along C- I felt the same way when we sold our Cape last year. It sold in 11 days and that last day I stepped foot in the door, I cried and cried. And I didn't even HAVE or Raise kids there!??!

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

I know how you feel, too. It is tough to leave a space that means so much to you, but maybe you'll get lucky and find a place that you love even more. I did :)

Bijoux said...

So great to hear from you, C!
Your news is bitter-sweet. Great news on selling your home in 2 days (!) and sad news that you're selling a home that was part of your family's history. Good luck on finding a new home (equipped with your dream kitchen)...and best wishes for a fresh start to a new chapter in your life.

PrairieGarden-Liane said...

Is that really an photo of your home? LOVE the wall color.

Just try and think think of all the news decorating plans you can have with getting a new home...it always gives me something to look forward to!

cserdan said...

Thanks everyone!

PrairieGarden, yes that is a photo of my house. The living room! We have one accent wall in a butternut squash and I love it. It really brightens up our home.

I'm trying not to be as emotional anymore. I'm really looking forward to getting and designing a new space.