Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In the Spotlight

The kind and super-talented Lillyella is featuring me on her beautiful blog today. Thank you Lillyella! Have you seen her jewelry? You should definitely take a peek.


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

What a very nice feature that was! Congrats. I don't know how I missed your owl photos before but I just love that one where she is in the full frame. REALLY gorgeous.

It was fun to read a bit about you and get to know you better :) I love the sound of the ocean and don't particularly like talking on the phone (except to my momma), too.

cserdan said...

I love the owls too. I took the kids to see a birds of prey show and it was the most incredible thing. I fell instantly in love with the barn owl. She was so surreal to watch!

Bijoux said...

Hey Charlene!
So great reading all about you and your inspirations. I love the ocean too...been thinking about moving to the west coast (Seattle or Portland) just to be near the water. I also dislike talking on the phone: seriously...I have a cell phone and it's always shut off and seldom charged up :)