Monday, January 4, 2010

Shining so Bright

To step outside.
To inhale the sting of cold winter air.
To look up into an ink black sky.
To see you little star.
Shining so bright.

Now available. Here.


Bijoux said...

Charlene, I saw this piece earlier today in your Etsy shop and I am so smitten by it :) Just lovely!

p.s. I just watched a movie called "The Lovely Bones" by Peter Jackson...I'm speechless and every bone in my body aches...I need more kleenex. If you get a chance to see it please do. It's sad but so worth it.

cserdan said...

Thanks Bijoux. I read the book a few years ago. It was a haunting and beautiful read.

I will now definitely have to check out the movie.

Bijoux said...

C, I had no idea it was originally a book, NOW I must get the book and read it! Peter Jackson (of Lord of the Rings) directed the movie.
I wanted yo ask you if you are on Twitter? It's another effective vehicle with which to promote your jewellery. Plenty of artisans from Etsy on there, including myself.