Friday, February 19, 2010


I know I vowed to stay away from this blog, but I wanted to share some quick photos from today. All were taken in a matter of minutes before I quickly picked the boys up from school. Surprisingly, I think they are the best photos I've taken all year.

Sometimes it's best not to try too hard.

I've been getting a little antsy getting ready for the show....worried that it is suppressing my creativity. Expenses have been piling up and the pressure to sell is going to be real. I also haven't been able to shoot or make any jewelry in ages and it's been hard.

Today. It felt good. If only for a short while.

I will try and post again in the upcoming weeks.

Hope you are well!


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

These ARE supercool.

Good luck with the show.

Bijoux said...

I LOVE the 4th image down! Love it!! It can be a challenge for creatives to switch gears and go from being an artisan to being a business person and thinking sell-sell-sell all day long.
I really enjoyed doing outdoor shows in the summer but my mistake was expecting my work to sell itself while I sat in a chair all day. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. Luckily my husband did a lot of the talking for me, because I ended up with stage fright - LOL! Charlene, I know that you will do extremely well at the show because your work is beautiful and unique! Are you going to be selling your jewellery or your prints or both?

cserdan said...

Thanks Victoria!

Bijoux, I'm definitely a sit down in a chair kind of girl (if I could hide...I would:). I'm officially in the visual arts category. I didn't apply for jewelry as I've heard it is pretty much impossible to get in. So photography it is! You should try and come by the show. I'm going to be posting a coupon code within the next couple of weeks.

Bijoux said...

If I do make it to the show, I most definitely will stop by your booth and say hello! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...


mangocheeks said...

Your photographs are amazing. Stunning in fact. Thank you for sharing.