Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's All So Clear Now

I just had a surprising epiphany today which explains a lot of the chaos in my life.

It explains:
-my inability to cope with mundane tasks
-why schedules, dates, times, appointments continually evade me
-my extreme distractiblility
-why I have a really hard time remembering conversations

I have A.D.D.

I knew I was different, but had always considered myself to be a daydreamer. I'm often lost in my thoughts. I'm continually in a state of hyperfocus which is great creatively, but it wreaks havoc in the other practical (yet necessary) areas of my life.

And it explains why my little guy is having such a hard time in school.

He got it from me.
It was from me.


Bijoux said...

I know it's not the most exciting news to find out that you have A.D.D. and that a child of yours has it too, but your epiphany will answer many questions you've probably had over time about why things happen the way they do. Knowledge is key.

I'm 100% certain I had a learning disability as a child and during the 1970s these conditions were not monitored or evaluated, so I struggled immensely in school...I daydreamed, I was distracted easily, I never, ever finished my school work in time, teachers were always disappointed in me, I had poor grades, I was incredibly shy and introverted...I can go on and on! I learned to cope as best as I could and I have made major milestones like going to University (twice!) and much more...things I was told I would never succeed in because I was a different type of learner.

There is so much information and professional help out there now to assist children with their learning challenges. I'm not familiar with the school's curriculum and how A.D.D. is addressed in the classroom but your little guy will need a patient, supportive and encouraging learning environment. Sending positive vibes your way!

cserdan said...

Bijoux, thank you for the vibes :)

What your experience was is exactly what I'm hearing from his teachers. I'm hoping the school board can figure out a way to work with him. This part hasn't been sorted out yet. One formula does not fit all!

Oddly, I feel relieved with the discovery of this news. It explains so much.

I know there are plenty of successful people out there with ADD and it isn't all bad. It can mean a lot of good things too.

Thank you for sharing your experience. It made me feel better reading this!