Monday, May 17, 2010

The Realist

What happens when an artist marries an accountant?
You get a headstrong 4 year old who wants to be both artist AND cashier.

Follow your dreams little Kyle.
We'll do our best to make them come true.


Joanne said...

Right on! That's what I wish my parent's attitude was when I told them I wanted to become a fashion designer. Love the photo too! Does your wall have a mottled paint technique finish on it? I really like it!

Bijoux said...

Oops that comment was made by me :)

cserdan said...

No, my walls aren't mottled. It's just a bad quality photo from my iphone.

My parents talked me into getting a business degree. I tried! It just never felt right.

Sue McNenly said...

Hey to. Economics degree, and I see math in everything...everything is numbers and angles, but I am truly an artist at heart. You CAN be both.

cserdan said...

Sue! I used to work in economics!
I too firmly believe you can do both.