Friday, June 4, 2010

Not A Lot to Say Today

Just a picture.

I may have to start doing this more often.

I feel sheepish that I don't always have a lot to say on my blog. Am I sharing too much? Not enough? Am I trying too hard to sound witty, intelligent, artful? Sometimes it is hard to figure out. But I do have plenty of photos I'd love to post, so I will make it a point to do this more frequently.

In person I'm very quiet.
I'm horrible at everyday chit chat.
I am however, a keen observer.
And it seems only natural that my blog should sometimes reflect this too.

Have a wonderful weekend.
See you soon!


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

I like it over here - it is a quiet place of reflection, and I always assumed that must be how you are as a person, too. You have such lovely photos, and they seem to share this same sense of quiet and reflection.

Bijoux said...

Reading your post made me feel as if you were reading my mind. There are times I have nothing to say. And I too am horrible at chit chat and have been trying to get better at it. When I'm nervous though, I ramble on without any punctuation, which works against me at job interviews. I guess I need to take my blog's title into account and keep it simple LOL! Your blog is unique in that its subtlety speaks volumes!

cserdan said...

Oh you guys are making me feel so good. Thank you!!!!!!

MauriceBaumer志能 said...
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