Friday, August 6, 2010

Moments Like These

August is a curious month.
The heat, no longer a novelty, begins to melt my patience.
The consequence of a a lack of routine is now rearing its oppressive head.
July flew by so damn quickly.
Where did the time go?
My heart beats quickly knowing September is almost here.

I've always found it a hard month.

But moments like these.... a lingering twilight, the hum of cicadas, a meadow of lace, help me learn how to breathe again.

I am going to set aside my little neuroses.
And enjoy it.
For better or for worse.


CrowNology said...

I too am impatient at August's pause...
It is unbelievable to me how quickly time goes by. A sure sign of aging I think.
September will arrive soon enough, I think it is wise to enjoy...

Bijoux said...

I never liked August when I was a student as it meant gearing up for back to school. It also meant Summer was winding down and vacations were ending. August to me now means even more sunshine and warm weather, which I do prefer to winter. It also means a bounty of fresh local veggies and more to come as September approaches. Do-nothing August is indeed a time of inner reflection and getting ready for Fall.