Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays

he said: what about the turkey? did you get the turkey?
she said: what turkey?
he said: you know....... the one for Christmas dinner.
she said: oh that. we're having dinner at my mom's. remember? that was decided 3 weeks ago.
he said: ..........and then it was changed back to here.
she said: you're joking
he said: no. you're joking
he said: I think you better call your mom.

And so it goes....
I forgot that I'm hosting Christmas dinner :)
Life with ADD.
So many details, big and small, miraculously evaporate into nothingness.
At least I had enough sense to marry a man with a strong working memory and a sense of humour.

So I'm off to the stores. again.

Have a wonderful, happy holiday.
I will see you in January!

Peace and love,


Sue McNenly said...

That's so awesome Charlene:) I think it will make it even more fun....usually the best times come out of last minute stuff! Just thinking good that it's not tonight!w

cserdan said...

I know!!!!!

Luck was on my side this time because I've got 1.5 days to get ready for it. If Mark hadn't have brought it up last night, I might not have found out til everyone was here Christmas eve.

Bijoux said...

Happy holidays! Hope you have a great Christmas with or without the bird :)

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Ha! I'm glad to hear it went well! Best wishes in 2011!