Monday, December 13, 2010


I'm back. And very much ready to settle into a quiet routine filled with books, twinkling lights, stinging cheeks, and soulful treks through the snow.

I would like to warmly thank everyone who stopped by to see me at the One of a Kind show. I feel very much appreciated and inspired.

I cannot wait to go through the 11 days of madness again next year.

Did I just say that?
Indeed I did.

My favourite season to photograph is finally here.
So I will see you soon.


Bijoux said...

It was great seeing you! I love the print I bought from you and so does my husband! As soon as I showed it to him he was so eager to get it up on the wall, we went that very same day and picked up a frame for it.

cserdan said...

Oh!!!!! That's awesome. Thanks for letting me know. It was so nice to see you again too!