Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer, Summer

Well, hello there!
Life has been good, in a summery, warm, sweet, sweaty, kind of way.
I survived another TOAE and would love to give my heartfelt thanks to all who braved the elements to come and see my work. And there were a lot of elements! Despite my shyness, it is really nice to get a chance to connect with so many different types of people. As well as chatting with my very first customer (who's enthusiastic support I will never forget), I was thrilled to meet some new clients and new gallerists.

And so the show is over.
It is time for some play.

Today was bliss.
A lengthy picnic with the boys.
A new spot, discovered.
Teeming with sheltering trees, crayfish, and dragonflies.

I hope to be back to the blog soon.

Happy July.

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