Saturday, June 28, 2008

Why Not?

Today finds me at home by myself (an extremely rare occurrence) and I wanted to celebrate the occasion with some decadence. I made a salad - a fantastic salad that I would normally prepare ONLY if we were having guests.

But why not just for me? Why not?

I caramelized the pecans. I whipped up a mouth-watering balsamic vinaigrette, bought some creamy goat cheese and selected the juiciest strawberries on hand.

I ate it on the verandah, listened to the birds and felt the breeze.

I'm having such a good day.

Happy Saturday everyone :)


Lorelei said...

Sounds delicious!
Glad to hear you had a nice moment to yourself! :)

Bijoux said...

Hi there: I'm new to your blog. I found it via your Etsy shop. I also live in TO and make jewellery which I try to sell on Etsy. Your jewellery pieces are gorgeous!! And the description of your salad is making me drool :)

cserdan said...

Hey bijoux, nice to meet you! I'm happy to hear you found me!