Sunday, August 24, 2008

Girl Power

This weekend, I fled the city to my friend's cabin in the woods. We packed up the car, left our husbands at home (sorry guys), and took off with the kids for a weekend of outdoor adventure.

Such fun!!!

We walked through the woods (searching for the infamous leaf monster)

we paddled

shucked corn


and made fire!

Suki whipped up this kickass fire up in a simple matter of minutes.
She's my hero.

We had such an amazing time with you! Thank you!!!!



Bijoux said...

Cute boys! Sounds like you all had a fun time.

Bijoux said...

p.s. I thought that you might be interested in this Canon photography contest. Perhaps you already know about it...?

Here's the link for more info:

cserdan said...

I didn't know about it. Thanks bijoux!!!