Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Mother's Dilemma

Upon the discovery of permanent marker all over my trim and walls .......

.....Ryan pleads with huge brown expressive eyes "....but Mommy, don't you think it's beautiful?"

From the appearance of this photo, I guess they were badly in need of a touch-up.

Thank you Ryan.



Bijoux said...

Beautiful work Ryan :)
That is so funny! He is an artist in the making. Trust me. I did the same thing to my parent's walls. And also furniture, but under the table where they couldn't see it. They kept the coffee table as a memento for me.

cserdan said...

That is so sweet!!! What a nice memento!

If I knew we were staying in the house I would probably keep it up, but we are planning on putting the house up for sale within the next few months so I'm going to have to eventually paint over it. It breaks my heart to do it! I bought him a special canvas so we can put something else up on the wall.

It was the cutest thing because I was about to scold him and he got so confused because I always praise him on his artwork.