Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yay for me!

New supplies.

new supplies.

It really is bordering on obsessive. I love looking at them, feeling their smoothness, their edges.

Did I mention that I always get to deal with the coolest postal workers? They've become my extended family. They know my kids and are always willing to dole out stickers. On the odd occasion I've been known to forget my wallet, they just smile and say "I've got you this time". My delivery man always double-checks to make sure I'm home if I need to sign for a package. They are the best and I appreciate them so.

Sometimes, I secretly dream of becoming a postal worker - walking around in the sunshine, delivering etsy packages all day long. I'm sure it is not that idyllic (particularly in a blizzard with unshovelled walks), but a girl can dream and I do love to dream.


Bijoux said...

Ha ha ha!! That is so cool that the postmen know you and are so friendly!

There was a time when I was ordering A LOT of items off the internet...eBay, Etsy, various clothing sites...I was also paying quite a bit on Canada Customs fees and shipping and handling fees so I had to taper it down to "must have it" items only. I no longer buy things off eBay but Etsy is a hard addiction to kick :)

Those are some super lovely beads you ordered. Can't wait to see what you make with them. I have a surplus of beads that have been sitting around for a while, so I really should refrain from ordering more at this time. Although the urge to buy new ones is definitely there. I get that same high you described about the look and feel of new beads. I've been thinking of opening up another Etsy shop to sell some of the excess beads and supplies I no longer want to use. It just seems like too much work to set up right now.

Lorelei said...

Bijoux, you should totally do it.
I'd be one of your first customers!
I also have a bead addiction.

Oh CS- Dish it.
Where'd you get these beauties? They look like lucite(?)

cserdan said...

lorelei, you make me laugh!!! I'll convo you with my source. And no, they are not lucite :)

bijoux, you should definitely open up a destash. it could turn out to be a very successful venture!

I've been buying quite a few supplies off of etsy lately.

Bijoux said...

Okay ladies, guess what?

I did it! You didn't have to twist my arm :)

I have opened up a new shop on Etsy called "Bead Stew."

Here is the address: