Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Beginnings

Yesterday was Ryan's first day of Senior Kindergarden. I had a cute little outfit (freshly laundered), his backpack packed, we ate a nice nutritious lunch, and left the house 15 minutes early (with camera in hand) to get there on time. I've always believed that it is important to get a proper start.

15 mins

.....on the first day!!!!!

le sigh

I had the times mixed up.

Why is it that I never quite feel like I have this motherhood thing all under control?

Thankfully, I've had better luck in the studio. Here are some sneak peeks!


Lorelei said...

Sorry to hear you were late on the first day! Coulda been worse !(?)

Yummmm colors.

One of these days I'll splurge on myself, in YOUR shop.

Bijoux said...

hmmm, motherhood does not come with instructions the way an appliance does...I can only image what's in store for me when the time comes. Being 15 minutes late for the first day of school is not so bad. Isn't that what the cool kids use to do in high school? LOL

Yeah, I'm with lorelei, when I finally get that job, I'm shopping at cserdan for something special to treat myself :)