Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back in the Saddle

....but not quite.

I'm having difficulty finding the time to create new designs. This is a result of the general busy-ness of life, the busy-ness of trying to spruce up the house to put it on the market, and a husband who has been away on multiple business trips over the past few weeks.

I'm also coming down with a bad cold and feeling rather out of it. I lost complete patience with the boys today and feel terrible about it. I always worry about how they will remember me? Stressed out mommy or fun mommy? Today, I was not a fun mommy.

But there is good news - I did manage to reply to some convos, work on a custom order, and make a couple of new things which I hope to post later on in the week. It's a start.

I'm off to drink a cup of lemon tea.
Then collapse into bed.

Wishing you all the sweetest of dreams.


Lorelei said...

These beauties you listed are stunning. As is all of your work but I am loving those earrings. yumm!
Welcome back...even if it is only half way! :) Feel better soon CS!

Bijoux said...

Giddy up C!!
Great colours on those earrings and bracelet. You're only human and sometimes even the fun mommies have an off day :) Hope you're feeling better. Just don't sneeze in my direction. I have an art exhibit review to submit for night school Monday night and I should not be getting sick LOL

Heather said...

I hope you're feeling better soon!! (and skip the post office if you're not feeling well and it's my necklace that has to go out...I'm happy to wait!)