Monday, October 20, 2008

Under a Blue Sky

Feeling sick, tired, and overwhelmed can get to you sometimes, but I'm beginning to feel a little better. Mark is back home and I even got to go for a run this morning which always helps to clear my mind.

I've also gone and done it.

I've opened up a new photography shop on Etsy and closed puddlejumpers . I will be adding listings over the next few days and will have to make some decisions on businesss cards, banners, packaging, and avatars.

Wish me a little luck.

Hope you all are well!


Bijoux said...

I really like the direction you're going with these new images. I've already found several favourites! Good luck with your new business venture. I'm debating if I should close my shop on Etsy. I'm not doing too well and have some new ideas for other kinds of crafts but with night school and packing for the move, I might have to wait until December to make it a reality.

p.s. Corso Shoes on Danforth sells El Naturalista shoes. I think there is another Corso shoe store somewhere near the Beaches - but I'm less familiar with that neighbourhood.

cserdan said...

Thanks bijoux.

Both Corso's are pretty close to me (I'm in Leslieville). Due to pricing issues, I will have to make a mad dash there on boxing day!