Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day

I think a snow day calls for some homemade cupcakes. All of that shovelling does call for some extra fuel. Don't you think?

We are enjoying a spectacular blizzard at the moment.

The world is white and frosty.

It is a perfect day for baking.

Keep warm everybody :)


Pegg said...

Yum, I would love one of those cupcakes right now!

Bijoux said...

Nice cupcake. I'm sure they tasted great! Did the boys help you out with making them or just eating them? :) I stayed indoors all day today. Can't say that I'm excited about having to walk in all that snow over the next few days.

cserdan said...

They were delicious!!! Only 2 left. Both of my boys love to help in the kitchen which I STRONGLY encourage. I had to make 2 attempts at making the frosting. I was trying to find a "not too sweet" recipe which is harder to do than I thought.

More snow on Sunday. Yikes!!! My back is aching today. I must have spent 3 hours yesterday shovelling (the beauty of a corner lot).

Bijoux said...

That's awesome (and cute!)that you have your boys help you out in the kitchen. I think it's important that men also know how to contribute in the kitchen. My brother is a great cook and does a lot of the cooking in his household. My husband tries his hand at helping sometimes and he does a great job with omelettes and pancakes, but he's a bit timid with experimenting and trying new recipes.