Monday, June 1, 2009

dropped threads

While reading Dropped Threads 3, a collection of essays written by women for women, I was immediately taken with Silken Laumanns' Unchartered Waters. An accomplished olympic medalist, she eloquently describes how difficult it is to achieve balance in her role as mother. Her greatest need? The need to complete a thought.

The ability to complete a thought.
How I struggle with this lately.

spilled juice
to scraped knees
to tantrums
to swimming lessons
to snacks
to runny noses
to homework
to ringing telephones
to appointments
to meeting the needs of two little people who need you completely all at once

....I often live in terror that I've lost my ability to complete a thought.

And then a hug, a cuddle, a knowing smile is flashed my way and I immediately feel whole. The panic subsides. I know this is what is right.

Well, I'm off to New York City for some decadence. Three days without my little interruptions. I'll have some time to wander around, sleep in, while away the afternoon in a cafe, reconnect with my husband, and most importantly I'll have the chance to complete a few of my thoughts.

Of course the best part of any trip is......returning home.


hint said...

I love the concept of the essays! I can see how wondering if you will ever complete a thought again would rank as a huge fear. Here's to riding the wave!! :)

Lisa ( nickname "L" ) said...

I read this collection of essays and I LOVED it! I picked up this book at a yard sale and I think it is one of my favs. I love your blog and the beautiful photos and jewelry. I too am an avid beader and artist and I live in Dryden, Ontario. I'll definately be checking back in!

Ebrown2503 said...

So nice to know that others have the same fears and thoughts that I do as a busy mom! Now, what was I thinking about saying.....? hmmm...