Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello Tuesday

Today the world is shiny and golden.
I really did get myself worked up into quite the state yesterday.

it happens

Today I feel empowered, ready to take on the world, and a little less overwhelmed. Last night, I joined a parent support group. It was such a relief to discover there are so many others out there who understand, who feel just as scared as I do, and who want to share what they've learned.

Last night's topic?

I have a lot to learn.

So I will look up.
Because today the sky is blue.


Bijoux said...

oh boy, if you only knew...anxiety is my middle name...all my life from a child up until now...anxious over every itty bitty thing...so glad that you're feeling empowered, talking helps, a lot!

cserdan said...

well! we both have the same middle name!

yes. talking and doing things to help the situation really help. sitting around stressing is not.

thanks for your comments. they always make me feel good.