Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Monday

The dreaded Monday morning.

I was feeling so good that we got through a mountain of homework this weekend (it really was a mountain and I really didn't think we'd ever get through it).

The impossible actually felt possible.

And then arrives Monday morning with its discovery over breakfast we have only completed half of a major assignment due today.

And the weight of it all comes crashing down.

Tuesday.....where are you?


Sue McNenly said...

Try not to worry. I have gone to the school before and said "We did our best. I pulled the plug after a period of time". It is only grade school........

cserdan said...

Thanks Sue :) I do feel a little better.

I know it is only grade school, but the amount of homework is ridiculous. It entailed 12 pages of work sent home which he was unable to complete in the class(he actually didn't even start them - they were complete blanks), memorizing 13 lines of an eco pledge, and preparing for an oral presentation on friendship. If this is grade 2 then I am truly terrified of grade 12. It's hard because he falls so far behind, so quickly.

I'm going to talk to the teacher after school.