Thursday, March 29, 2012

When Every Day Feels Like Opposites Day

Seasonal Affective Disorder (also known as S.A.D.)
I've been struck particularly hard this year.
Travelling through multiple timezones during daylight savings time has thrown my circadian rhythms into a real tailspin.
One day I'm skiing.
The next.... I'm slathering sunscreen on the kids and muttering expletives while I dig out sunhats and sandals.
Hearing the birds sing makes me want to keep the windows shut.
And the light....
I just want to curl up into bed and close my eyes until it is all over.

This will pass.
Because I really do love spring.
But I think I need a couple of weeks away from the blog to allow my mental state to catch up with the weather.
And it always does, so please don't worry :)

And as for Opposites Day.
Today I'm actually feeling a bit more chipper (because of the looming dark clouds in the sky?)
And because I said I'm not going to blog for a couple of weeks...who knows?
Every day is Opposites Day.

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