Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good Things

Hello all.
I am feeling much better these days and my time away has been creatively very good.

Which has me pondering the future of this blog!
Because it felt great to be away.
In haste, I almost deleted it last week.
I have very few readers and I doubt this will ever change.
I feel a bit silly about having to post regularly.
And if I can't post very often then what is the point of it all?
I'm really not too sure.

For now, I've decided upon a compromise.
I will still hang onto it.
But my posting will become much more erratic and irregular as I really want to focus on other things.
As many of you may very well know, the internet is not the best place for the easily distracted.
I need more time away from my laptop.

I have picked up a paintbrush again.
I have signed up for a couple of intensive photography workshops.
I'm taking on new challenges.
It feels really, really good.

My art instructor gave me the loveliest piece of advice today......

When your work frustrates you the most, when it drives you crazy, know that you are really learning something. If it comes to you too easily, then you aren't really learning anything.

Here's to learning!

The song is not in any way related to this post.
I just love to bop around to it.


Sue McNenly said...

So weird....I just said to Pat tonight that when it comes time for a new computer, I may switch to one of the beautiful mac desktops. They are less expensive, and that way I would not be on it ALL the time. It's so easy to have my laptop on my lap while doing other things. I think it would help me to re-engage in life.

Happy about your classes. When you take a class in a skill other than your specialty, I think it helps to open you up and then inspires your regular art.

You know I'm on board with bloggin when you feel it. I've dumped mine numerous times, then come back. Do what works for you, and if it means not posting for weeks or months at a time, that's fine:) xo

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

You know I love your photos, but you should keep up ths space only if you are getting something out of it. We have so many responsibilities to other people in this life, but please don't feel responsible to me or any other reader. Do what is best for you. That said, please don't delete your blog... It is a beautiful record of your life and your work.

I am excited for your classes and what may come from them. Best wishes :)

cserdan said...

Thank you Sue & Victoria! Your comments and support throughout have meant a great deal. I can't thank you enough.

I'll continue to check in with you both.

Pegg said...

I love your blog, I am also sporadic posting these days, but I try to check your blog as regular as I can. it is so beautiful!

AnDee said...

Learning vs. Blogging.
I go for learning...

I love your creative work and would love to see the progress you make...

Have a great summer.